源自 1924 年於瑞士日內瓦創立,是瑞士唯一一家生產鉛筆及畫材的企業,現已成為世界著名藝術用具品牌之一。

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瑞士製造 (of Switzerland )
1931 年卡達正式宣佈 發明全球首創水溶顏色系 列 “Prismalo” 為繪畫媒界帶 來創革命性的突破。

Caran d"Ache 全部產品於瑞士生產,期間有很多大師級畫家如畢卡索都有使用卡達顏料作畫。

In 1931, Caran d’Ache announced the invention of “Prismalo”, a series of water-soluble colors, which is a revolu- tionary breakthrough in the art industry.

Caran d’Ache , the sole enterprise that manu- factures pencils, fine-arts materials and luxury writing instruments in Switzerland, was founded in Geneva in year 1924. It is now one of the renowned global brands with all its products marked as being “made in Swiss”.
本證書由瑞士卡達、瑞士視覺藝術協會委托香港工藝 美術協會及香港教學資源中心在本港成立委員會。

所有參加作品,均由委員會及瑞士卡達畫家審閱批改, 並邀得前中文大學藝術系主任高美慶教授及前意大利文化協會文化委員司徒志明先生作該評考顧問。

Caran d’Ache and the Switzerland Visual Arts Committee authorized the Hong Kong Arts and Crafts Association and the Hong Kong Teaching Resources Center to establish a committee in Hong Kong.

All artworks created in the Caran d’Ache Visual Arts program will be examined by the committee as well as painters from Caran d’Ache Professor Ko Mei Hing, the former execu- tive office of the Department of Fine Arts from the Hong Kong Chinese University, and Mr. Marco Szeto , the former committee member from the Italian Cultural Society of Hong Kong were invited to be the consultants of the examination.

左:瑞士卡達繪畫分級考試顧問 楊廣顥先生

右:瑞士卡達行政總裁 Ms Carole Hubscher

Left : Consultant of CARAN D’ACHE Visual Arts Grading Exmination – Mr Clement Yeung Kwong Ho

Right: President of CARAN D’ACHE – Ms Carole Hubscher


CARAN D’ACHE pigments factory